Your Political Brand Matters – PoliticalBranding Associates Helps You Get There

A candidate’s brand should be the first piece established in your campaign. Not a slogan, a slick logo or website. Establishing a candidate’s brand identity and how they are presented to the public is the deciding factor of whether they win or lose; and candidates with a strong brand will always prevail.

Whether your candidate is new to the political arena or a seasoned politician, brand identity, brand positioning, and brand awareness play a key role in winning your race, driving messaging and content, and helping you use data and polling information more effectively.

PoliticalBranding Associates will collaborate with your campaign team, peeling back the layers of your candidate to fully expose the essence of their brand, using teachable moments to educate your team in the ins and outs of successful brands.

Strong Political Identity: The 2016 Cruz Iowa Caucus Win

Ted Cruz Campaign Logo

Senator Ted Cruz made history when he won the 2016 Iowa Caucus, as well as, multiple key states on Super Tuesday. PoliticalBranding Associates was responsible for creating and driving Cruz’s unique political brand identity, implementing his brand into every component throughout the campaign via campaign events, merchandise, donor events, rallies and more. Click here to see the other candidates, campaign and organizations we’ve been working with.

Political Brand Consulting

PoliticalBranding Associates specializes in results-driven, strategic, candidate and campaign branding identity, events and communications. We help identify and drive your candidate’s unique brand, delivering winning results, separating your candidate or political organization from the muddle of opposition and competing sound bites, and solidifying a strong presence your voters will remember.

Bonnie was a force of nature for our campaign. From our first Houston organizational meeting to our Indiana suspension event, she was the 'warlord' on staying consistent to our brand. Instead of a branding strategist being unconventional, it should be the flat out way we do things. With Bonnie, that is an easy component to add to our current campaign configuration.

Branding isn't a concept, it is a political reality and Bonnie added that to our campaign and demanded accountability from every member of the team when it dealt with voter communication. Not only would campaigns be smart to add PoliticalBranding Associates to their strategy team they would be dumb not to."

Jeff Roe - Campaign Manager, Ted Cruz for President
Founder, Axiom Strategies