Retained Brand Services

Candidates with strong brand identity, brand positioning, brand awareness and an effective brand proposition are more likely to be remembered, as well as align overall messaging and content to the betterment of their brand. A strong brand resonates, making data and audience targeting more effective.

Our retained brand services are designed for campaigns and political organizations, providing dedicated, one-on-one consulting to you and your team, reviewing and researching your current assets, material, public presence, and data and polling information, identifying and creating your unique brand identity. Our team works closely with your team, covering every aspect of your messaging, campaign and donor events, merchandise, media development, website and voter communications.

Creating a Roadmap for Success

Brand Strategist Bonnie Siegel and her team borrow from a corporate playbook to offer the experience needed to establish your unique brand, providing one-on-one consulting services from start to finish, helping your team identify a unique brand that encapsulates what makes your brand unique. From there, Siegel implements this brand identity throughout your campaign, creating a successful campaign roadmap for success.

Bonnie has the ability to capture not only what something looks like on the outside, but also what it feels like on the inside. Through her experience in the corporate world and political world, Bonnie has created brands that have become verbs and that is a remarkable talent. Her teamwork spirit and tireless devotion to detail enables her to convey the true brand essence for her clients, resulting in strategic communication for any campaign or candidate.

Alice Stewart
CNN Political Commentator and Communications Consultant