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Whether your candidate is new to the political arena or a seasoned politician, brand identity, brand positioning, brand awareness and an effective brand proposition play a key role in winning your race – from effective messaging to using data and polling information to your advantage – PoliticalBranding Associates helps you get there.

GOPs Millennial problem

How to Address the GOP’s Millennial Problem

April 10, 2019

PBA Founder, Bonnie Siegel had the pleasure of presenting at the AAPC (American Association of Political Consultants) conference last week in Napa, CA. Met with much intrigue and interest from attendees, we have uploaded the presentation regarding Millennials and the…

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Bonnie Siegel

How Republicans Can Win With Millennial Voters

June 27, 2018

Listen in as Raz Shafer from My Campaign Coach dives into the subject of millennials and politics with PoliticalBranding Associates Founder, Bonnie Siegel. "Between now and the year 2020, the Millennial generation is set to make up the largest bloc…

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U.S. President Donald Trump

Trump Owns a Shrinking Republican Party

June 21, 2018

As the “Trump Train” barrels on, there is more and more information to support the power of his brand. The Brookings Institute recently published an article entitled “Trump Owns a Shrinking Republican Party”. No longer are we noticing tendencies or…

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Millennials: Democrats are Not Harnessing
Them and Republicans are Ignoring Them

June 11, 2018

Millennials: The group of young Americans born between 1981 and 1996. The oldest are turning 37 and the youngest are turning 22. Millennials are the largest generation in Western history and the Republican Party has completely failed to communicate with…

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Millennial voters

How to Fix the Republican Party’s Millennial Problem

January 10, 2018

Bonnie Siegel – Founder, PoliticalBranding Associates The 2016 Presidential campaign and the preceding Primaries lead us into a new political landscape where the political rules of the game will be forever different. Candidates are not necessarily defined by their party…

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Bonnie Siegel and her team were able to take our data and mold it into an authentic brand for Senator Cruz. Data without a story is just ones and zeros. Bonnie turned those digits into a compelling narrative that truly spoke to voters. Most importantly, she is truly brilliant and it’s always a learning experience to work with her.

Chris Wilson
WPAi Partner & CEO