Creative Brand Messaging

Go from fuzzy and confused to clear and concise with creative brand messaging that resonates. Do voters and constituents “get” what you’re about and what they can expect from you? Even when the visual brand (logo/website) is recognized quickly, the brand messaging can be confused, inconsistent or missing. Brand strategy and creative brand messaging is a delicate process of allowing the translations of strategy into compelling, brand messaging with a more inclusive, elegant, transparent and designed process. Your brand will inspire response with a clear, articulate, strong, brand message.

Bonnie is an absolute force of nature! With an iron will she brings people and perspectives together to synthesize truly compelling brand visions. Her driving force behind a fundamentally important brand exercise was critical to our successful and award-winning website re-design for Senator Cruz's presidential campaign. Serious campaigns would be smart to seek out Bonnie's expertise.

Kristen Luidhardt
President, The Prosper Group