PAC Event Planning

Donor dollars increase exponentially when an event is an extension of the candidate brand. That’s why PAC events should be an extension of your campaign brand, focusing on superior execution and stronger brand alignment.

PoliticalBranding Associates works with PACs to plan and execute successful events, understanding the importance of an effective PAC event strategy, as well as PAC rules and regulations. PoliticalBranding Associates has the knowledge and expertise required to make your event successful. From fundraising to education to donor retreats, we take pride in customizing each event, designing and directing every detail from start to finish, ensuring your unique brand identity is always in the forefront, delivering your vision and message effectively, engaging and motivating your audience to step up and act.

Successful campaigns communicate that ‘thing’ that is unique to the candidate and meets the needs and desires of a majority coalition. Yet it’s not enough. The brand must be omnipresent across all channels. Few political professionals understand the difference between issue positions and a unique brand. Bonnie does. And with her help, so will you.

Jason Johnson
Founder, J2Strategies