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Whether your candidate is new to the political arena or a seasoned politician, brand identity, brand positioning, brand awareness and an effective brand proposition play a key role in winning your race – from effective messaging to using data and polling information to your advantage – PoliticalBranding Associates helps you get there.

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    I’ve worked for a wide range of candidates, including George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush, and in all of my years on the political campaign trail, I have never met anyone like Bonnie Siegel. Through her vision, passion and leadership, Bonnie was able to create a brand for Ted Cruz that not only encapsulated his true character, but also strongly resonated with voters.

    Her unique approach and absolute insistence in driving all campaign elements around a brand definitely makes a difference. Bonnie changed the way campaigns are run, placing brand before anything else, and I highly recommend all campaigns capitalize on what PoliticalBranding Associates brings to the table.

    Mark Campbell
    CEO, Intellz.com