Political Brand Consulting

PoliticalBranding Associates

We have witnessed candidates “blend in” rather than “stand out” because they lack political brand identity.

PoliticalBranding Associates specializes in results-driven, strategic candidate and campaign branding identity, events and communications. We identify and drive your candidate’s unique brand (Image, Personality, Positioning, Alignment, Awareness …), delivering winning results, separating your candidate or political organization from the muddle of opposition and competing sound bites.

It’s time to solidify a strong presence your voters will REMEMBER!

I've worked for a wide range of candidates, including George H.W. Bush and George W. Bush, and in all of my years on the political campaign trail, I have never met anyone like Bonnie Siegel. Through her vision, passion and leadership, Bonnie was able to create a brand for Ted Cruz that not only encapsulated his true character, but also strongly resonated with voters.

Her unique approach and absolute insistence in driving all campaign elements around a brand definitely makes a difference. Bonnie changed the way campaigns are run, placing brand before anything else, and I highly recommend all campaigns capitalize on what PoliticalBranding Associates brings to the table.

Mark Campbell
CEO, Intellz.com