Political Brand Success

A Strong Political Brand …

  • Differentiates your candidate from the opposition
  • Creates a solid campaign roadmap to work with
  • Drives engaging content and messaging
  • Helps you use data and polling much more effectively
  • Raises significantly more campaign dollars
  • Greatly improves brand recognition and brand awareness
  • Enhances donor engagement and volunteer support
  • Allows candidates to deliver on who they are

Your Candidate, Your Product:
A Strong Political Brand Will Change the Race’s Outcome

We can all agree the that 2016 GOP Primary election was anything but typical. It was the first time in recent history where it wasn’t necessarily about party affiliation anymore – it was about the candidates, themselves. When it comes down to it, the two individuals with the strongest brand won; Ted Cruz and Donald Trump. Always staying true to his brand identity – Donald Trump understood his brand and what it meant to his supporters – he always remained authentic. No matter what.

That said, what this election showed is that brand identity matters — a lot. It also showed most candidates had either a lack of brand identity, or worse, they or their campaigns attempted to make the candidate something he or she was not.

We have entered into a new political landscape where candidates aren’t necessarily defined by their party anymore, but by their brand. And as voters become more and more savvy — demanding authenticity. Now, the essence of one’s brand plays a huge role in winning or losing the race. It’s as important as the “issues” — and much more important than party politics.

*Photo courtesy of Ted Cruz

Successful campaigns communicate that ‘thing’ that is unique to the candidate and meets the needs and desires of a majority coalition. Yet it’s not enough. The brand must be omnipresent across all channels.

Few political professionals understand the difference between issue positions and a unique brand. Bonnie does. And with her help, so will you.

Jason Johnson
Founder, J2Strategies