Listen in as Raz Shafer from My Campaign Coach dives into the subject of millennials and politics with PoliticalBranding Associates Founder, Bonnie Siegel.

“Between now and the year 2020, the Millennial generation is set to make up the largest bloc of voting age adults in America’s history. In spite of that, according to our next guest, it’s a generation that Democrats aren’t adequately deploying and Republicans are largely ignoring.”
– Raz Shafner

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Bonnie Siegel

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Bonnie is an absolute force of nature! With an iron will she brings people and perspectives together to synthesize truly compelling brand visions. Her driving force behind a fundamentally important brand exercise was critical to our successful and award-winning website re-design for Senator Cruz's presidential campaign. Serious campaigns would be smart to seek out Bonnie's expertise.

Kristen Luidhardt
President, The Prosper Group

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