Podcast – Building Brand Love with Millenial Voters

Bonnie Siegel, founder, Political Branding Associates shines the light on how Millennial voters are different from earlier generations of voters.  With examples from the Bernie Sanders and Ted Cruz 2016 campaigns, Bonnie points out what drives Millennials to act, their interest in making the world a better place, and how we often hear what we want to hear from candidates.

Listen to the podcast on digitalpoliticsradio.com.

Brand Creation: The Biggest Lesson Politicians Can Learn From Companies

Below is an article by Innovation in Advocacy about the importance of candidate branding and how Bonnie Siegel is changing the political landscape.

Corporations understand branding, they understand the necessity of repetition in sending a clear message to their consumers. Branding is why you connect Apple with images of innovation, minimalism, technology and futurism. It’s why a McDonalds in St. Louis won’t be very different from one in Southern California — the same BigMac, McFlurry and golden arches can be found globally. It’s why an athlete wearing Nike is associated with images of strength, athleticism and fashion. Read more on Medium

Don’t Mistake a Slogan for a Brand

On Sunday, Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer (D-N.Y.) spoke about losing the 2016 election, and whether he realized it or not, admitted the Democrats have a major issue with brand identity.

“The number one thing that we did wrong is we didn’t tell people what we stood for,” Schumer explained.

Coming from the corporate world of branding, I speak from experience when I say not knowing what you stand for is major problem — and can quickly lead to the demise of a company or candidate, or in this case, an entire party.

Schumer went on to say that the Democratic party has plans to unveil a new agenda, complete with a brand new slogan that he says, everyone will adopt: “A Better Deal: Better Jobs, Better Wages, Better Future.”

Now, I’m not sure how far along the Democrats are with their rebranding process or what other components this new brand will encompass, but I will tell you that a slogan is not a brand — nor is an agenda or issues. (Read more on Medium)

Bonnie Siegel Talks Political Brand Identity on My Campaign Coach

Branding played a definitive role in both the 2016 Republican primary and the general election and it’s changed the way we view campaigns. Listen to Bonnie Siegel’s insight on political branding, her experience as brand strategist for Ted Cruz for President campaign and the importance brand strategy plays in winning your race. Listen here.

CampaignExpo 2017:
What Everyone is Talking About But Not Actually Saying

It’s the non-partisan elephant in the room. Session after session, speaking to people in the hallways, waiting in line to use the bathroom – I heard the same thing over and over again: People know something has fundamentally changed in the political landscape but they’re not exactly sure what that something is.

First, let me back up a bit. While I’ve written several articles for Campaign & Elections, this is the first CampaignExpo I’ve attended. And I must say, I thoroughly enjoyed meeting so many driven individuals committed to making positive change in government – through elections, movements, organizations – the energy I feel with this group is absolutely electrifying, and I’m happy I’ve had the opportunity to connect with so many talented people in the political industry.

That said, Thursday’s Expo began bright and early with a panel discussion called, “Campaign Communications in the Age of ‘Alternative Facts.’” The session explored how campaign communications are now having to address fake news (like they didn’t have enough of a challenging job to begin with), alternative facts and news that may or may not be completely accurate, may be purposely left out to alter the story, or simply news maybe you or others don’t like or agree with.

It was an excellent discussion exploring the rise of “alternative facts,” but lacked a solid solution on how to combat and/or stay ahead of this constant barrage of endless news.

As I sat and listened to this panel and subsequent other discussions throughout the day, I repeatedly thought of the elephant. I’m sure some of you think the elephant are the pesky “alternative facts,” rapidly changing the political landscape into something out of the Wild West – a potentially dangerous frontier, right? Read more on Medium


Bonnie is an absolute force of nature! With an iron will she brings people and perspectives together to synthesize truly compelling brand visions. Her driving force behind a fundamentally important brand exercise was critical to our successful and award-winning website re-design for Senator Cruz's presidential campaign. Serious campaigns would be smart to seek out Bonnie's expertise.

Kristen Luidhardt
President, The Prosper Group

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