You say “covfEEf,” I say “covfeeFEE” — regardless of how you pronounce it, who would have ever thought the word “covfefe” would become part of mainstream vocabulary?

Certainly not me.

But low and behold, in a matter of minutes, a single tweet constructed by President Trump made this once non-existent, nonsensical word part of every day conversation.

From memes to Press Secretary Sean Spicer’s official explanation to legislation called the, you guessed it, “COVFEFE (Communications Over Various Feeds Electronically for Engagement) Act — covfefe has become an odd kind of nomenclature that means, well, anything you want it to mean. Read more on Medium

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Bonnie is an absolute force of nature! With an iron will she brings people and perspectives together to synthesize truly compelling brand visions. Her driving force behind a fundamentally important brand exercise was critical to our successful and award-winning website re-design for Senator Cruz's presidential campaign. Serious campaigns would be smart to seek out Bonnie's expertise.

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